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Our Philosophy


clémence is a line of considered designs for the modern woman, inspired by clean lines and minimalist luxury. Our pieces are 100% hand cut and we champion sustainable mulberry silks in every single garment we produce.

In a trend-driven mass market dominated by fast fashion, where 2 mini seasons exist each week, higher quantities of increasingly low quality clothing is becoming more accessible. The majority of these clothes are made from petroleum-based polymers, such as polyester and nylon, that won't last a few spin cycles in your washing machine, let alone a season. These garments shed over 1000 individual plastic microfibres in every wash and it is estimated that these microplastic fibres make up 85% of the human-made material found on the world's shorelines [1]. Our mission is to reverse this trend through making conscious choices when it comes to the simple act of getting dressed everyday by investing in longevity, quality fabrics and solid constructions.

Our ethos is simple: to create an accessible and sustainable fashion future. We believe that style starts with substance and that quality fabrics should be at the heart of every garment. That is why our pieces are crafted from the finest mulberry silks selected for their lustre and luxurious texture. We are passionate about driving change and #thesilkrevival is all about putting premium, sustainable fabrics back on the agenda in accessible womenswear.

We collaborate and design directly with fabric mills without traditional markups so that our pieces are available at the same price as their synthetic counterparts and every piece is conceived, tailored and constructed in-house where our philosophy is nurtured and brought to life.

Our collection of elevated basics are inspired by a sense of timeless elegance and quiet sophistication. By producing clothes in small, thoughtful runs, we ensure quality lifestyle pieces in considered designs and crafted from beautiful fabrics that move with you and last beyond the season.

Every piece is conceived in Melbourne and is exclusively available in limited quantities online only. Our pieces are not dictated by traditional fashion seasons and we look forward to taking our followers on a conscious and creative journey as new designs are trickled throughout the year. 

Explore our collection of premium hand-cut silk dresses, tops and bottoms. 

Company information
Registered office:
Level 3, 24 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia, 3008
Studio [at] clemencethelabel [dot] com