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Understanding 'Quality'

A look at clothing labels today will likely result in reading materials such as nylon, acrylic, polyester and rayon which are petroleum-based and often treated with chemicals such as caustic soda and ammonia to survive regular washing. Our mission is to fight against the one of the biggest environmental problems you've probably never heard of and champion conscious choices when it comes to the simple act of getting dressed everyday by investing in longevity and solid construction.

The most common variety of polyester is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, a plastic made from petroleum that is widely used in bottles. At high temperatures this material is highly pliable and can be squeezed into long filaments used to weave fabrics not dissimilar to the texture of silks. It is estimated that synthetics like this will make up more than 98% of future fibre production [1] due to their low cost in fast fashion and it is likely to go unnoticed unless you check your labels rigorously. Around 1,900 individual fibers can be rinsed off a single synthetic garment each wash and these toxic fibres consequently migrate into our waterways with devastating human, social and environmental impacts.

We value sustainability and we want to create a fashion future that takes responsibility for the true cost of buying so cheaply and so fast. That is why we care about what goes in our clothes. Our premium mulberry silks not only look and feel amazing, they are also renewable and biodegradable.

Mulberry Silks

Not all silks are created equal and the silk holding our rich colours and designs isn’t produced by just any old caterpillar. Thanks to optimum growing conditions, mulberry silk is widely regarded as the highest quality silk in the world and this luxurious fabric forms the foundation for all of our beautiful creations.

What is it?
Mulberry silk is a variety of silk specifically produced by the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth and because their diet consists solely of mulberry leaves, the resulting silk is some of the finest in the world.
These mulberry silk cocoons are pure white in colour and are made up of individual long fibres, more refined and durable than ordinary silks which are less uniform in colour and texture, with shorter strands.

clémence Mulberry Silks
Every clémence piece is hand-cut from mulberry silks that are custom made to our unique specifications, including weight, weave, texture and touch, and produced exclusively in limited runs.
By forming close relationships with the artisans we work with without traditional markups, we are able to source the finest fabrics at accessible prices. The effort that goes into each clémence piece from the outset means that wearers on the receiving end can enjoy the lustre and luxurious texture of mulberry silks for the same price as synthetics and regular silks.