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What does the term 'fast fashion' mean to you? Livia Firth is the Creative Director of Eco-Age and she considers this in her documentary film - The True Cost - which explores the impact of fast fashion in a mass market where the endless pursuit of micro trends trains us to over-consume products that are of increasingly lower quality.

Livia shares that "over the past two decades fashion has changed thanks to this new phenomenon called 'fast fashion' and now we have a situation where, as consumers, we are caught in an absurd circle of micro trends...around two mini seasons a week in stores. Disposable clothes that stay in a woman’s closet for an average of just five weeks, before being thrown out – all in the name of the democratization of fashion".

clémence is proud to support this movement through showcasing the versatility of our pieces and championing sustainable mulberry silks in every single garment we produce. Our ethos is simple: to create an accessible, conscious fashion future. And our philosophy is brought to life through collaborating directly with fabric mills and producing clothes in small, thoughtful runs without traditional markups. 

The mass production of trend-driven, poor quality garments at dangerously low price points has tempted consumers to purchase greater quantities of these items, many of which won't last a few spin cycles, let alone a season. 

Most clothing today are made from synthetics like polyester, acrylic, rayon, acetate and nylon which are petroleum-based and often treated with chemicals such as caustic soda and ammonia to survive regular washing. Polyester alone accounts for over 50% of global garment production [1] and these garments shed over 1000 individual plastic microfibres every wash most of which finds home in our waterways and oceans.

Whilst these materials serve functional purposes in occupational clothing and sportswear, let's make conscious choices when it comes to our daily garments by investing in longevity, quality fabrics and solid construction where possible.

 Make a difference today by:

  1. Buying less to minimise the over-production of thoughtless designs;
  2. Buying better through being more conscious of what our clothes are made from;
  3. Caring more to ensure your pieces last beyond the season.


[1] Black S, Eco Chic 2008 via

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