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Anne Sage | Sustainable Silk Dresses

By Anne Sage

"Yesterday marked a major achievement for me, you guys. In the morning I changed from my pajamas into a dress and then didn’t get back into PJ’s until it was time for bed. Usually I can hack street clothes for barely an hour at a time, so my sartorial endurance felt noteworthy indeed. Granted, the only way I was able to manage such an impressive sartorial feat was that the caftan I was wearing was basically a glorified nightgown, but the experience has me wanting to invest in more flowy, second skin pieces—like these beauties from the just-launched Australian fashion label clémence. The company’s collection of silk dresses, tops, pants, and skirts is pajama dressing at its best."


"Of course there’s more to pulling off the creation of these pieces than just sewing a sack and calling it a day! What makes clémence special is the attention to fit, drape, and detail. Check out the piecework and asymmetric pleating on that red midi dress, or the drop-waist styling of the polkadot number. The effort that goes into each piece from the outset means that we on the receiving end can make a flattering, unique, and comfortable style statement that belies much more thought and effort than we’ve actually had to outlay. Plus we can give our PJ’s a much-needed daytime break, perhaps even long enough to launder them!"

 Original article courtesy of Anne Sage.

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