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Akagu Feature | Getting to know clémence

We're stoked to be featured by Akagu and here is an extract from their website!

"With a collection of designs for the modern woman that is inspired by clean lines and minimalist luxury, Clémence is proving to be a name to remember in the years to come."

Founder of clémence, Linna He, first developed her interest in fashion design from a very young age. Being someone who loves art and was brought up in a way that was engaging to the senses, fashion design has always been something Linna has wanted to do.

“I don’t think about fashion from a spectacular perspective, to me it’s a lifestyle, like a collection of experiences, the places I’ve been and the people who have inspired me,” Linna says. “I don’t consider myself an artist, I’m much simpler – my interest in fashion is an extension of my desire to explore and express… to me, creating is a personal act.”

“My personal style revolves around classic, well-made pieces that I can wear over and over again,” Linna says. “Those perfect fit jeans, a great coat and a go-to dress that can take me everywhere.”

clemence claudia grabowska marais silk top
clémence mulberry silk Marais Printed Sleeveless Top

Linna’s philosophy behind the art of fashion lies in her perspective on clothes as being a part of our everyday quality of life. “I want to empower women to make conscious choices when it comes to the simple act of getting dressed everyday by investing in longevity and quality,” Linna says.

When it comes to creating the finest garments, Linna places an emphasis on the underlying importance of quality and sustainability. This is reflected in her desire to champion sustainable mulberry silks in each and every garment created by clémence.

Linna hopes to inspire women to dress for themselves. In designing clémence garments, Linna draws her inspiration from artists, her own emotions and her mother, who she describes as very down-to-earth. “My mother never wears makeup but still etudes this elegance and sensuality,” Linna says. “So I want to promote comfortable, practical style for women that’s sophisticated at the same time.”

“This industry is full of amazing visionaries and I’m especially inspired by designers whose designs, much like those of Phoebe Philo and Alexander Terekhov, exude an undone sophistication.”

clemence the label Edie Silk Dress
clémence mulberry silk Edie Geometric Dress

When it comes to her dream client, Linna would like to see her designs worn by Charlotte Gainsbourg or Liu Wen. “They are both the antithesis to the immaculately polished and styled celebrities who overrun today’s tabloids.” Linna says.

Linna desires to collaborate with Frank Gehry, suggesting that his work reflects a spirit of creativity intertwined with practicality. “His architecture is characterised by elegant flowing lines”, Linna says. “I think fashion and architecture share a lot of similarities – they are both designing with a purpose and they both use style to represent time, attitudes and feelings.”

Since clémence’s launch, the label has evolved through their agility to surviving in the mass market. Being in a competitive business environment, it can affect designers’ ability to affect change but Linna is constantly challenging clémence’s direction and collaborations. “The exciting part is that consumers are progressively understanding the impact of fast fashion and our vision is starting to fit into something that people want,” Linna says.

claudia grabowska clemence the label odette culottes
clémence mulberry silk Odette Culottes

Linna is increasingly aware of the evolving nature of fashion and the freedom people have to express themselves. “I see a deep trend that’s moving away from women reinventing themselves each season and towards considered wardrobes with quality and timeless pieces that are not cost prohibitive,” Linna says.

When advising aspiring fashion designers for their future endeavours, Linna suggests, “Know your core aesthetic and don’t be too easily swayed by market trends.” She encourages designers to wear prototypes and samples everywhere to experience how they fit and feel after a long day.

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